Ghostrunner is a unique blend of one-hit-one-kill mechanics, parkour and cyberpunk aesthetics. Join the fight as Jack, the last of Ghostrunners – elite cyber-ninjas guarding the order in Dharma Tower. Begin your climb to the top and challenge the self-appointed ruler of this world – the ruthless Keymaster.


Combat in Ghostrunner is extremely fast and brutal. One swing of the cyber-katana is enough to deal with any foe, but also one bullet is all it takes to end your run. Make use of your superhuman mobility to stay one step ahead of the enemy. Dodge bullets, stay on the move and prove once and for all that numbers and firepower are meaningless against superior skills.



Dharma Tower is a grim place. Ubiquitous neon lights still remind of the better times, but ruthlessness and cruelty of the Keymaster’s rule have turned humanity’s last bastion into hell on earth. Begin your climb at the very bottom and brave one level of the megastructure after another on your way to the top, where answers and revenge await the last Ghostrunner.

Enter the Void

The Tower is just one of the two worlds you’re going to visit. Cybervoid is a mysterious space, a virtual reality that only a chosen few can access. It holds both, secrets of the past and the key to the Ghostrunners’ most powerful weapons. Find your way through the labirynths of this abstract realm to unlock your full potential.


Keep running

Approach the game at your own pace. Whether you prefer breaking records in speedrunning or exploring nooks and crannies of Dharma Tower, you’ll be able to enjoy Ghostrunner all the same.

Diversity of challenges and freedom of choice in approaching them keep gameplay fresh and the instant respawn system guarantees that you won’t ever get bored. Run, kill, die, repeat – until you get the perfect run.

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