Guide four likeable zombies as they struggle through a deadly labyrinth full of booby-traps in this classic platformer. To succeed you will need both, impecable reflexes and and a good understanding of each of your undead minions’ unique strengths and weaknesses.

Death is lonely. He doesn’t have any friends on FaceTome or anyone to hang out with. That’s why he decides to start “Project Deadlings”. He buys a factory and creates a laboratory in order to train a vast army of zombie minions.

As the horde grows, the depths of the laboratory are getting more and more deadly, filling up with puzzles and booby-traps.

Wil you be able to alleviate Death’s boredom? Will you make it through all 60 levels ‘Deadlings’ offer? Will you complete “Project Deadlings” and successfuly train all of your minions?

  • Arcade side-scroller with strategic elements!
  • 4 different kinds of zombie minions wit unique abilities.
  • 70 levels of pure (and gory) zombie fun.
  • Steam Achievments and leaderboards
  • Full controller support
  • Nightmare Mode available
  • Steam Trading Cards/Badges